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Glisten is my senior project from my final semester of college in the visual communications major at Farmingdale State College. We were given two semesters to completely flesh out a product or service that can solve any problem in the world of our choosing.  Glisten is a skincare subscription service that curates customizable boxes of body focused skincare products. 


There is an immense amount of pressure that the media places on women to have perfect skin, especially when it comes to skin on the body. However, there is a lack of cohesive focus on body care in the skin care community. Products are typically randomly spread out and hard to find depending on the severity of the aliment/condition. Even if a single brand offers a body focused product it is usually limited to only 2 or 3 items.


Based on the surveys that I conducted Women are definitely feeling pressured and are dealing with various skin concerns. They frequently search and are interested in what the market already has to offer them.


Despite the constant search for products people are not finding the right products for their needs. When asked to list a product that they found worked for them 260 people out of the 478 that responded said that they haven’t found something that helped.


Glisten offers an easier way for users to discover and try products that suit their specific needs. Engaging users with products they might not have discovered on their own would enhance their chances of finding a product that actually works for them.


On the glisten website users will be asked to fill out a questionnaire about their skin. Once they have completed the questionnaire a box will be curated for them based on the answers that they have given.


This is our signature box design.


Here are a few different variations of the box


On the website there will also be merch available for purchase


My target audience is women aged 18 – 25 who frequently search for skin care products to help manage their skin aliments. Media, whether its social media, advertisements, or magazines typically target women within this age group. Models and influencers alike are constantly shown in media with airbrushed and photoshopped skin which has impacted society by showing only perfection as beautiful. The body is a large surface and when you skin doesn’t match what you’re being shown all the time feelings of inadequacy can rise.

My secondary audience falls within women aged 26 and older. Different skin aliments typically rise at different stages of life. For example, our skin changes as, we get older and signs of aging can show and even pregnancy can cause body acne and stretch marks.


Mary peters represents our target audience she’s experienced with skin care and is currently dealing with body acne. She’s a skincare shopaholic who is always searching for new products. Glisten would help her save time and money by eliminating her trial and error routine.


Heather Armstrong represents our secondary audience. She’s a 35-year-old new mother who has never had any skin issues before. She is now dealing with hormonal changes to her skin due to pregnancy. She doesn’t even know where to begin looking for products. Glisten is perfect for her because she would be able to receive an entire box of products that are directly targeted to her needs all in one place.


Our marketing goal is to catch the attention of our audience. Social media has become an essential part of our daily lives. Social media is especially important for our target audience. Social media typically targets women within this age group. Models and influencers alike are constantly shown in media with airbrushed and photoshopped skin which has impacted society by showing only perfection as beautiful.


There is tons of competition within the skincare world and there are several subscription boxes out there. but I have narrowed down my main competitors using this competition matrix which sorts the competition by what’s included in their services and how customizable their service is


My 3 most direct competitors are birchbox, dermstore, and test tube powered by new beauty.


My first and most direct competition lies within the brand called the dermstore. They offer a skincare focused subscription box. However even though the box is skincare focused they only offer 1 or 2 body focused items per box if any are included at all. Their box is also not customizable.


My Next source of competition is birch box. Birchbox includes skincare but mainly focuses only creating a box that includes a blend of makeup, haircare, and skincare. The skincare that is included is usually for the face.


My final competitor is Test tube powered by New beauty. They also feature a blend of haircare, makeup, and skincare. The skincare that they include is usually for the face and their box is not customizable.


Glisten is different than its competitors because it is a customizable box that focuses on skincare that is specifically for the body. Every product included will target the body skin aliments that the user faces. Once our user fills out our questionnaire a selection of products will be curated based on the answers they give.


Why should you care about Glisten? Even if you think that you don’t need a service like Glisten at this very moment who’s to say you’ll never need it. Our skin can change based on changes in our environment and changes to our lifestyle. Moving to a different state, changing your source of water that you bathe with, and even having children can all impact the skin on our bodies. Skin aliments can cause feelings of helplessness and anxiety when you’re convinced that there is no help. People are constantly searching for skin care but they aren’t finding the right products. This often leads to wasted money and wasted products. Glisten would save you time, money, and increase the chances of you finding a product that you love.

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